Git Console Plug-in for the Eclipse IDE

Git is a popular version control system. This project integrates a Git console into the Eclipse IDE. It lets you enter common Git commands directly into the Eclipse Console View and displays their output within this view.


To start a new console session, select Git Console from the Open Console drop-down of the Console View.

Alternatively, select a file, folder or project and use the Show In menu (Alt+Shift+W) to open a console session for the corresponding repository.
All console sessions are listed in the Display Selected Console drop-down that can be used to switch between sessions.
The key combination Ctrl+Space opens a content assist popup that shows all availble commands.
To see a history of recently typed commands, use the Arrow Up key.
The command prompt indicates the current repository to which the entered commands apply to. To change the current repository, use the use command.
This command requires either the absolute path to the .git folder of a repository or the name of a registered repository.
The help command lists a short decription of all available commands. With help <command>, usage information about a specific command can be obtained.
The Show In menu (Alt+Shift+W) has a menu entry that opens a Git Console and selects the repository to which the selected file or folder belongs.
Repositories can be registered with the Git Console either through the Team > Git Console > Repository Locations preference page or through the EGit repository view.
Text colors can be changed on the General > Appearance > Colors and Fonts preference page.
Please note that changes only affect new console sessions.


Eclipse 4.4 (Luna) on JRE 8 or newer.


Gonsole is available in the Eclipse Marketplace. The easiest way to install is to drag the Install icon into your Eclipse.

If you prefer, you can also install Gonsole directly from this software repository:

A zipped version of the repository for offline use can be downloaded here:

Git Included

It is not necessary to have Git installed on your computer for the the plug-in to work. The plug-in uses JGit, a pure Java implementation of Git, to interact with the repository.

Source Code

The source code is hosted on GitHub.


The code is published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License, version 1.0.


Updates about the project are published in the Gonsole Blog.


The logo was inspired by the Git logo by Jason Long and stylizes a command prompt.

Thanks to Holger and Benny for threir valuable input.